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About Us

KickstarNew is a marketing website that aims to assist creators in gaining a larger user base on Kickstarter. Our mission is to help crowdfunding creators generate more orders and propel their projects to rapid growth.


KickstarNew has been instrumental in helping numerous crowdfunding projects achieve higher numbers of backers and pledge amounts. With our strategic marketing techniques and targeted promotional efforts, we have successfully supported creators in reaching a wider audience and maximizing their project’s potential.


By leveraging our extensive network and expertise in the crowdfunding industry, we provide creators with valuable insights and effective marketing strategies. Our platform offers a range of promotional services, including featured project listings, tailored advertising campaigns, and exposure through our newsletters and social media channels.


At KickstarNew, we understand the challenges faced by creators in attracting attention and securing funding for their innovative projects. Therefore, we are committed to offering comprehensive marketing solutions that drive visibility, increase engagement, and ultimately result in the success of their crowdfunding campaigns.


Join KickstarNew today and unlock the full potential of your Kickstarter project. Let us help you connect with a vibrant community of backers and propel your campaign to new heights of success.